Christa Bakker is a woman in her forties with brown hair, greenish grey eyes, and a welcoming smile. She wears a sunny yellow dress and a little cross around her neck

Of Dutch origins, formerly in France and presently based in southern Britain, Christa Bakker spends her days gazing at romantic countryside, wondering how to describe it to do it justice. She loves good food, good puzzles and good villains.

Christa writes happy little bloody murders, but if she stares at you, don’t worry. She’s not planning to kill you, she’s just borrowing body parts for her next character.

Her daily accomplishments include keeping her two children alive, leaving her husband in peace, and not eating too much chocolate. Although that last one depends on your definition.

You can wake her up in the middle of the night for chocolate chip cookies, but don't ever tell her any secrets. You may just find them spread all over the pages of her next novel...

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Christa Bakker's books are published by Counting Blessings Publishing. See the Contact page for contact details.