Interview with the cozy mystery author. By her main characters.

Interview with the cozy mystery author. By her main characters.

While I’m working hard on the revisions of books 1 and 2 of the Saint-Maurice Mysteries, ‘Death by Naked Ladies’ and ‘Beaujolais Blood’, I thought you might like to know why I’m doing what I’m doing. And since me telling you about me seems extremely boring, why not read between the lines while my characters ask me what they want to know?

Julie, raising a finger to her assistant to shut him up: First question, will you please tell him that I’m the boss, and he does not get to ask the first question?
Thibault, let her ask her question. We’ll get to you later, don’t worry.
Because I’m the boss. He’s the assistant.
D’accord, first real question. However did you come up with such an amazing main character?
Who else could possibly be interesting enough to write about? (No, Beau, I told you, we’ll get to you later.) The people I knew when I lived in that little village in the Beaujolais were all great as side characters, but I needed someone who would stand out.
I do, don’t I?
Even though you didn’t like that at first.

Thibault: And that’s where I come in!
You literally come in in the first sentence.
Where I belong.
You don’t think I should have even described Julie before I got to you? She is the main character, after all.
Bof. I’m just as important. If not more. Keep that first line the way it is.
Did you have a question at all?
What are you doing tonight?
Thibault, I’m happily married. This interview does not need you making it even weirder.

Julie: Yes, go play with your motorcycle and let the grown-ups talk. Christa, how did you get into writing?
Oh, I’ve been making up stories since I was very little. At some point it just started making sense to write them down. But I didn’t finish a novel-length story until I lived in France and needed a break from taking care of my two toddlers.
So you lived in the Beaujolais?
I did, for 3 years. And 2 years before that in Lyon.

Thibault: And you thought it’d be a good idea to start killing people there?
Don’t you? I’m taking care of all the nasty people in your immediate surroundings.
I thought you were supposed to be a good person.
I am in real life. But if I didn’t include a little murder here and there, you wouldn’t have anything to do worth reading about.
I beg to differ.
I’m sure you do.

Julie: Getting back to why we’re here… Did you have to have people call me butt-lady?
No… but I thought it was funny. That may have been a bit childish, but there you go.
Like I didn’t have enough on my plate.
That’s what you get for being the main character. The tallest trees catch the most wind. Good thing you have deep roots in Saint-Maurice. Many of your friends and family were inspired by real people I met when living in France.

Julie: Do you miss the Beaujolais?
Sometimes. But I get to go back to the rustling vines on sunny hillsides whenever I write, so I get the best of both worlds. Except I have to make do without fresh baguettes eaten on a rickety, old stone wall overlooking the beautiful Saône valley. Yes, I do miss it sometimes.

Thibault: Is it my turn yet? People need to know more about me, ma biche.
I am not your doe. What would you like people to know, Beau?
That I’m more than just a pretty face.
You don’t think that’s obvious from the books?
Maybe, but this is just an interview. The books aren’t even out yet.
Right you are. Everyone, Thibault is more than just a pretty face. He also has very pretty arms and legs.

Julie: Relax. I couldn’t have solved those murders without you. And you’re getting pretty good at being a photographer’s assistant.
Thibault, slightly stunned: Merci, Julie. I’m glad you at least see my value.
I have so many things planned for both of you.
Julie, rather nervous: Really?
Thibault: So when is everyone else going to find out?
I want to make sure everything is as good as it can be before I publish, so it’ll be a while before your first book is released. Before then, however, I’m working on a short story that should be finished around summertime. Though I’m not making any promises!

That’s enough of me talking to myself. If you want more of Julie and Thibault, start with Book 1. And if you’d like to be the first to know about how my books are coming along, sign up to my newsletter!

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